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Coating Machine

coating machine coats the fabric surface with water-borne or oil-borne adhesives such as PVC/PU/AC, so as to achieve the effects of waterproof, crack-proof, air permeability and flame retardant, and greatly increase the added value of finished products. Widely used in textile industry!

In order to achieve the best texture and quality of finished cloth, coating glue must be processed on the surface of cloth in the most uniform quantity and distribution. According to the different needs of customers, the coating glue and process will be different. Under some specific requirements, some products only need glue on the surface of the fabric, while some products need glue to penetrate the fabric interior to enhance the fastness and texture. Correct products require correct processes and precise machinery. Finally, the finished products can be light and durable, soft and firm, waterproof and breathable, comfortable and fireproof!
A multi-functional precision coating head can help you achieve all the above functions. The product diversification it brings can bring more business opportunities for your company! Additionally, simple and easy-to-use operation interface and fast mode switching can save manpower and material resources for your company.
Technological process:
Feeding - > centering - > rolling - > precision coating - > drying - > cold air cooling - > cold water roller cooling - > winding
Technical specifications:
Speed: 8-100m/Min
Gate: 1800-3600
Oven temperature: 80-220
Total power: 140 kw
Drive: Frequency Converter Motor
Heat source: heat-carrying oil, gas, electricity, steam, biofuels

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